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I enjoy testing out and reviewing crypto dapps as well as almost everything else crypto

Steem Engine Tokens INVITE

I like to go through Steem-Engine a few times a week to check out what new coins are the top of the chart for volume and if anything of value has been airdropped recently. A lot of the tokens are either just good ideas at this point o

SteemMonsters - 1 Month Pricing and Cards Update

I was a little busy last week so I skipped the Market Update for SteemMonsters; however, since I have a little more time this week I figured I'd go ahead and let everyone know how the market is doing with some booster pack update, cards, and

New Social Blockchain - Snax

I've always known the biggest competitor to Steemit wasn't going to be another Decentralized Social Network, but a blockchain that was built on top of an already established Centralized Social Network and Snax is looking and going just that.

Gniksivart's Crypto Index

This is the index page I hope to keep updated at least once as week or month depending on what I have time for. This is a page you can bookmark or favorite in steempeak, esteem, partiko, or one of your other favorite UIs to get some o

Steem Monsters - Expected Value of Alpha Boosters

I just want to thank @bafi for giving me the idea to start tracking this. He wrote a post calculating the Estimated Value of Beta Packs

March 2019 Steemit Progress Report - 1st Quarter Complete

This is my monthly update report to check myself to see how I'm doing on Steemit and something that people new or looking into Steemit can use to kind of give them an idea on what kind of earnings an "average" person gets on the platform. Yo

9 SteemMonster Cards and Summoners I'm Buying

After tracking price movements for a few weeks I've found a few Alpha and Reward cards and packs I want to start buying because I think they will have good long term value Alpha Summoners Cards (x4) I know this isn

4 Tips I Follow for "Investing" in SteemMonster Cards

I'm not a financial advisor so please don't take this advise without doing your own research and never invest more than you can afford to loose. There are many things that can effect the price of these cards in the future both positively and

My Top 5 Tokens on Steem Engine Currently

I've wanted to play around with Steem Engine for a while and decided to finally take the plunge. I have no interest at this point in creating a token so I've just been doing some digging and finding tokens that I'd like to buy, so lets get r

How to Earn Free Crypto - Blockchain +$20 Stellar

I just came across this airdrop the other day and just couldn't pass up trying it out when I saw the amount. It promised around $20 of free Stellar. There are some downsides though as if you're wanting to stay anonymous in crypto this airdro

Gniksivart's 2019 Steemit Progress Report - February

February 2019 Performance My January 2019 performance is located here or you see my

How to Earn Free Crypto - Coinbase

If you just want to test the crypto waters, but not sure you want to invest in money (which is how I first started out) then finding ways to earn free crypto can be a great way of testing out the waters without worrying about loosing all you