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I enjoy testing out and reviewing crypto dapps as well as almost everything else crypto

Top 5 Strategies to Invest in Splinterlands for New Investors

If you're a new investor to Splinterlands it can be a little confusing. I think @mattclarke did a great article on

Courage to Grow - Fantastic Story on a School that Turns Education Updside Down

If you're a new parent looking at education options such as dealing with common core and public schooling, putting money away for an expensive private school, or figuring out what it will take to homeschool your kids, this book is for you. T

Future of Steem - Steem Elevator Pitch Part 1 Outline

There is a great contest going on right now where @stoodkev is challenging everyone to creat a Steem Elevator

Using Splinterlands to Hedge Against the Next Bear Market

Since it seems like we've been in a crypto winter that has lasted forever and that it's never going to end, I've been thinking how I might handle things differently during the next crypto bull market heading into the next bear market and I'v

How to Earn Free Steem - #NewSteem Curation

I am always looking for more ways to make my money work for me. I was attracted to POS coins at first as I figured it would be a good way to earn passive income. After finding out that you need to spend a ton of money to be able to get a sma

How to Earn Free Steem -

In this Crypto Winter, where alt coins are just getting smashed it can be pretty disheartening to watch the value of your investment go down week over week over week. That's why, I think, having a back-up plan of making that investment work

November 2019 Steemit Progress Report - It's About Time

This is my kinda monthly, but more like quarterly, if I'm lucky, update I like to do to keep track of my progress on Steem. You can read myMarch R

Steem Engine Tokens INVITE

I like to go through Steem-Engine a few times a week to check out what new coins are the top of the chart for volume and if anything of value has been airdropped recently. A lot of the tokens are either just good ideas at this point o

SteemMonsters - 1 Month Pricing and Cards Update

I was a little busy last week so I skipped the Market Update for SteemMonsters; however, since I have a little more time this week I figured I'd go ahead and let everyone know how the market is doing with some booster pack update, cards, and

New Social Blockchain - Snax

I've always known the biggest competitor to Steemit wasn't going to be another Decentralized Social Network, but a blockchain that was built on top of an already established Centralized Social Network and Snax is looking and going just that.

Gniksivart's Crypto Index

This is the index page I hope to keep updated at least once as week or month depending on what I have time for. This is a page you can bookmark or favorite in steempeak, esteem, partiko, or one of your other favorite UIs to get some o

Steem Monsters - Expected Value of Alpha Boosters

I just want to thank @bafi for giving me the idea to start tracking this. He wrote a post calculating the Estimated Value of Beta Packs