Steem Engine Tokens INVITE

I like to go through Steem-Engine a few times a week to check out what new coins are the top of the chart for volume and if anything of value has been airdropped recently.

A lot of the tokens are either just good ideas at this point or just tokens someone has created for the chance of creating a token. A select few of them actually hold value and are supported by good projects.


I was looking through some of the lower volume tokens and ran across the INVITE token. In the Steem Engine description it says that it's an easy way to

Earn Steem Accounts through delegation.

Going to the Steem Ninja site you can easily use these tokens to create Steem accounts.

Steem Ninja

The current price for these tokens on Steem-Engine are a little over 1 Steem. A real value in my opinion so I plan to start accumulating as many of these as I can for 1 Steem.

First I'm going to use these invite tokens to create alt accounts for other tribes. Today I bought my first invite and used it to create the account @oelgniksivart. I plan to do the same for at least Sports Talk, PAL, NEOXAG, and possibly SPT at the very least.

Once those accounts are created I'd like to make accounts for my wife and two kids.

Creating an Account

Once you own an Invite token you go to Get Account on Steem Ninja and type in your existing account name that owns an invite token or in my case @gniksivart.

The system then verifies your Steem-Engine account has an Invite Token and then asks if you'd like to create an account.

It then sends a unique link that can be redeemed to create an account and once verified your username is unique and meets the qualifications, it provides you with your owner, active, posting, and backup keys.

The entire process took me less than 5 minutes and cost me less than 20 cents.

One thing to point out however, is that the new account has 0 Steem Power so in order to allow the account to do anything on the Steem Blockchain, the last step asks if you'd like to delegate 15 SP to the new account and walks you through that process as well.

"Mining" Invite

You can either delegate Steem Power or PAL to start earning Invite.

This is purely my opinion, but if you're looking to do something with your PAL and are not actively or passively currating with your staked PAL earning Invite tokens by delegating to seems to be a pretty good use for it.

Final Thoughts on Invite

Also just an opinion, but this seems like a great token to invest in either for yourself or for selling to others in the future.

I remember people selling accounts for top exchanges when they froze account sign ups during the last bull market for hundreds of dollars, so even if I sell these tokens for a dollar in the future I'm coming out ahead and the process of signing up on the blockchain feels more mainstream and is pretty much instantaneous.

These tokens will definitely help mainstream adoption of Steem and looking forward to buying more invite and setting up more accounts in the days and weeks to come.