Account Updates

November 2019 Steemit Progress Report - It's About Time

This is my kinda monthly, but more like quarterly, if I'm lucky, update I like to do to keep track of my progress on Steem. You can read myMarch R

Gniksivart's Crypto Index

This is the index page I hope to keep updated at least once as week or month depending on what I have time for. This is a page you can bookmark or favorite in steempeak, esteem, partiko, or one of your other favorite UIs to get some o

March 2019 Steemit Progress Report - 1st Quarter Complete

This is my monthly update report to check myself to see how I'm doing on Steemit and something that people new or looking into Steemit can use to kind of give them an idea on what kind of earnings an "average" person gets on the platform. Yo

Gniksivart's 2019 Steemit Progress Report - February

February 2019 Performance My January 2019 performance is located here or you see my

Gniksivart's 2019 Progress Report

January 2019 Performance I'll be using the Steemit Board Ranking system as I have done in the past to compare metrics I think are key to tracking your past and