Gniksivart's 2019 Progress Report

January 2019 Performance I'll be using the Steemit Board Ranking system as I have done in the past to compare metrics I think are key to tracking your past and ...

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January 2019 Performance

I'll be using the Steemit Board Ranking system as I have done in the past to compare metrics I think are key to tracking your past and future performance on the platform. While most of these aren't monetary metrics, tracking these will help show your overall growth on the platform which should eventually start effecting your monetary gains or lack of.

If you're interested you can check out my last years post here which is a 2018 review of my performance

Account Value

When you look at the chart below it's not that surprising that people on the platform are getting frustrated and leaving. I've at least doubled my Steem Power since the beginning of last year and increased it by 100 last month and yet the USD "value" of my account is 1/10th the value it was at the beginning of 2018 and 1/2 the value since the beginning of the year.

I don't know if I would necessarily consider myself a "long term" investor, but I'm focusing more on building my account and learning how to grow a network of people on a social media platform. Do I think I will ever get to the point of being an "influencer" on a platform, no, but I'm learning a skill that I hope to continue to use throughout the rest of my life. Growing my Steem on this platform is much more important for me than worrying about the USD value of my account.

Latest Delegation

After the post from @sirknight talking about talking about earning dividends on crypto gambling platforms I decided to delegate 100 Steem Power to @magicdice. Since I've delegated, I've earned 300 magic and have earned 0.001 Steem per day. If you only have 100 SP and are still working on growing I would say it's not worth it, but may let this one sit for a while and see what it does long term.

Posts / Comments

I ended 2018 with 8,414 posts and ended January 2019 with 8,807 posts. Not bad considering I made almost 400 posts during the month of January which is about 10 posts/comments per day. I'm going to set a goal of hitting 15 posts/comments per day for February. I do pretty good at this during the week, it's weekends that I'm busy and I have a lot going on that I tend to slack off.

I made 20 posts last month and increased my rank on the platform by almost 500. I don't like "spamming" too many posts a day, but would be happy if I could get 28 posts this month or 1 a day. My comments for last month were almost 400 so hitting 14 per day shouldn't be that big of an issue. My comments rank increased by almost 25 which is pretty good, but I suspect a lot of people I'm passing are less active on the platform due to the lower prices.

Steem Power

My Steem Power has gone up a little over 100 SP. This is a little disappointing, as that means I probably averaged 4 SP a post and 20 SP over 400 comments which isn't too too bad. I don't make SP goals as I have no control over who votes my posts and you never know what the future holds for the crypto market. When I made my goal of 5000 SP at the end of last year, most of my time spent on Steem was frustrating as it feels like I was working harder than the year before, but I was making slower progress to that 5000 SP goal due to things outside of my control.

My goal is to get back down to under a rank of 3,700 as I think that's the highest I've ever been in the Steem Power rank. In order to do this I'll have to have at least 2,700 steem power and I'm sure that's going to get tougher and tougher as most other people at my rank will be powering up Steem as well.


I gained 1.3 reputation since the end of last year which seems like I'm still on track for hitting 70 by the end of this year. Every "rank" that you go up means that next reputation is harder to hit, so I have a feeling, if I'm going to meet my goal, I'll need to get at least 66 half way through the year.

This is another huge upgrade I made in the ranking though as I jumped up over 1000 ranks. Even though this isn't a very good measurement of much on the platform, it's a fun number to watch grow for whatever the reason.


I've been happy watching the number of followers I have increase. With the limited number of new people joining the platform everyday, I'll be ok with slow consistent growth in this column until the next bull market. One goal I am going to shoot for this month and really push is make it to make it to 2000 followers.

I know there are some sites you can go and check the number of "dead followers" that you have and may base my next months goal on trying to increase the number of active followers that I have.

Steem User Authority

Steem User Authority was a new way to track User Authority or Reputation on the platform developed some time when I was taking a break in the middle of 2018 I think. I decided at the end of the last year to start tracking this and have been happy with my improvements so far.

I really should do some more reading on this to see how it scores you because over the past couple of weeks my UA score has been going up and my rank has been getting higher, but my UA score from the end of December actually has decreased a little and so has my rank. I would have thought that my score would be higher then December with all the work I put in this past month on the platform.


Overall, I feel more confident in Steem that I ever have before. A new platform/dapp I'm testing out and currently posting on is @engrave which I wrote about in my previous post. It allows for Google Analytics and Adsense integration which I will eventually start including in these reports.

I hope that you've enjoyed this update and if there was anything you don't like that I included in these reports and anything that I didn't report on, but you'd be interested in seeing let me know that as well!

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